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Tor для iphone

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Tor для iphone
Скачать Tor Browser можно отсюда. После первого запуска программа спросит, как бы вы хотели подключаться к Интернету:Напрямую. Доступ к Сети не ограничен, Tor не заблокирован и не запрещён на законодательном уровне.Ограниченный доступ. Доступ к Интернету ограничен, либо Tor заблокирован или запрещен. Можно использовать в обменник тех местах, где действует слежка за трафиком.И если первый вариант — самый простой, то со вторым придётся немного заморочиться.Шаг 1. Если у вас ограничен доступ к Сети, то нажимайте Настроить.Шаг 2. Выбираем Да на вопрос о цензуре.Шаг 3. Жмём Далее для перехода к настройке мостов. Выбираем Подключиться к предопределённым мостам.Шаг 4. Нажмите Далее для настройки прокси.Если вам требуется настроить прокси, перейдите в параметры вашего привычного браузера. Обычно они находятся в разделе Настройки -> Дополнительные. Введите их в поля настройки Tor Browser.Шаг 5. Нажмите Соединиться.К слову, можно подключиться к Tor, указав мосты самостоятельно. Просто напишите о своём желании получить адреса на [email protected]: get bridges в теле письма. Также адреса мостов можно получить по этому адресу.Вот и всё, вы можете свободно пользоваться Tor Browser. Помните: это анонимная Сеть, поэтому история посещения не сохраняется на жестком диске. (18 голосов, общий рейтинг: 4.39 из 5)
iPhones.ruОн сделает ваше присутствие в Сети анонимным.

Tor для iphone - Как пополнить биткоин с карты на hydra

mobile and keep your data private. Our mobile phones contain private and confidential information like emails, e-wallet, passwords to your banking applications, private notes, and pictures. Here is how we provide comprehensive online security and anonymity as well as data protection on devices.TOR BROWSER:A comprehensive security and privacy app that implements the latest specifications of TOR. It lets you access the Internet privately and anonymously. The latest specifications are IPv6 compliant and have been designed for faster and secure access to the Dark Web.It is a complete Tor-Powered browser that offers you a full-fledged and secure alternative to the modern browser offering multiple tabs, configurable start screen, bookmarks, history and download features.TOR Browser Private Web does not cache or index any browsing activity or user behavior. The TOR Network protects your identity by bouncing your communications around a distributed network of relays run by volunteers all around the world: it prevents somebody watching your browsing history as well as your physical location. A must app to use on public WiFi networks.VAULT:The app offers you the ability to store personal data such as passwords, phone contacts, private notes and photos in encrypted format. As a free user, you can use VPN services, create 5 albums and add unto 20 images in an album. These images are pass-code protected and can not be extracted from mobile phones even through iTunes. Use your phone for all your private information with the peace of mind and sense of security.ANTI-THEFT:The app provides you with the ultimate protection for your iOS device with Anti-Theft Protection. Privacy and Security issues are real and we take it seriously. Next time you put your device on a power plug, activate the alarm so that in case of theft or pickpocket the alarm gets activated and your device is safe. You can also setup headphone alarm or motion alarm while using your device at public spots where you might feel insecure about your belongings.Enjoy all these features for FREE:TOR Browser Features:- Secure Internet access tunneled through Tor network- Your ISP and Websites you visit can not see your real IP- Customize-able option to auto clean cookies on exit- Customize-able option to reset history/tabs/etc on restart- Access websites on the "darknet" of anonymous .onion web sites, only accessible through TorModern Browser Features:- Multiple tabs & Bookmarks- Long press on back & forward arrow keys reveals history tab. - Ability to set default search engine- Download files by just tapping the link or "long press" the link to Force Download it- User-Agent spoofing - Passcode lock supportUNLIMITED PROFor just $1.99 upgrade to premium features- Removes Ads from the app- High bandwidth tunnelling- Personalised SupportPlease visit our website to read about our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.Privacy Policy = https://apps.jettyapps.com/torprivacy.htmlTerms = https://apps.jettyapps.com/torterms.htmlHelp Centre = http://jettyapps.devcontact.com/helpCenter/tor-browser-private-webEmail = [email protected]Что нового в версии 1.1.0!!! IMPORTANT !!! RESTORE PURCHASE ISSUE FIXED !!!!Dear privacy lovers,Thanks for all your messages and liking the new build. This build contains important fixes. More important updates and features coming soon. Keep writing to us and suggest more features:- Disappear bookmarks issue has been fixed.- Updated "Disclaimer" text. Since a lot of customers complained about it showing on every, this has been changed to show only first time.- The Contact Us link it now available in main side menu as well.- Menubar turns white for premium users (FIXED).- Localised Appstore screenshots added.Enjoy the build and write to [email protected] if you face any issue.Best Jetty Apps team.Приложения от JETTY APPSПоказать все
Tor для iphone
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